Friday, April 15, 2011

Love That Goes The Distance

The first thing that comes to mind when I ponder the word distance is loss.  I think of the distance between me and the people I love who are no longer with me.  My Grandma Laila, who died when I was nineteen, was the person who taught me what unconditional love looks like.  I never disappointed her.  She always looked at me with her love goggles on, which filtered out any imperfections.  My Aunt Diane, who was a spiritual mother to me, died of ALS almost eight years ago.  She understood me in a way that no one else ever has.  I often long to sit with her and talk for hours like we use to do, so I can glean her words of wisdom, joy and hope.

I also think of the distance between me and long sought after dreams…dreams of a husband and children and a home to call my own.  Those dreams seem so far away.  Sometimes I feel like I have caught a glimpse of them but then, for some reason or another, those hopes are dashed, and like a mirage in the desert the dreams disappear from view again.
Then I consider the idea of “going the distance”, which just sounds like a lot of work.  It makes me think of the trials I have faced and will face in the future.  And if I am quite honest I can say that rarely has going the distance felt worth it…it has just felt like I am being stretched and pulled in uncomfortable directions.  The stretching and pulling has resulted in growing, but I always wish that growth could come in an easier fashion.  But that is just not reality, growth always requires struggle.
So can distance ever be a good thing?  Oh, yes it can! And in the most important way possible!
There can be security in distance when the distance is between you and something repulsive or menacing.   
 “He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.”  Psalm 103:12
Now that is a distance for which I am grateful!  Jesus loves us so much that He willing accepted a brutal death on a cross.  His sacrifice so far removed our sins from us that they can no longer be seen, and therefore they can no longer be counted against us.  Because Jesus gave up his life for us, we can rest in the knowledge our overwhelming debt for the sins we have each perpetrated has been absolved the moment we choose to accept His love and decide to have a relationship with Him.   Once we accept His love, Jesus puts on His very own pair of love goggles, obscuring our flaws and failings so there is no longer any distance between us and the promises of Heaven.
Hugs & Smooches,
Lisa Ann

***This 5 minute Friday post was inspired by the word Distance and honestly I am sure I wrote for more than five minutes but I was on a roll and I did resist the urge to edit...for the most part. ;)


  1. This is a great post. "As far as the east is from the west" those are some of the most reassuring words in Scripture. Thanks!

  2. Yes, that kind of distance is the essence of what He has done for us!

  3. I love the concept of "love goggles". And I've been known to stretch those five minutes too - it's hard to stop once the words are flowing!

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  4. Stopping in from the LBS Tea Party. Enjoyed your posts and your writing. I think I'll have to give the Five Minute Friday a shot next week! Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Popping in from Lady Blogger....
    "Distance?" This first thing that comes to mind is lonlieness.
    Loved your blog xx


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  7. I think sometimes distance is what males the heart grow fonder. Thanks for a beautiful post.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Grandmothers are very special people. It sounds like she gave you something truly beautiful though. That sort of love is incredible! Also love that you had a special aunt. Wishing you a wonderful Easter. Love, Becky

  9. Hi, first, I like your blog title! Secondly, I too, see distance as loss to an extent. But I don't think I could have written it down as eloquently as you did.

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  10. stopping by from Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I also love the idea of "love goggles", I sometimes can not look at myself in the mirror but it is amazing to be that my grandmother and uncle see the light in me. great post.

    charley from

  11. I think your blog is STELLAR my friend! So impressed. I am a newbie to blogging myself, and was so inspired! My auntie understands me better than anyone it's funny when someone just "gets you", no questions asked. :D I came to visit your blog from the Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party. I am now happily following your blog.

    Hope your Easter is STELLAR girl!

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

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