Friday, February 1, 2013

Hoping for My Purple Front Door

I am afraid of bugs…but I hope ladybugs and butterflies find my yard a great place to spend their time.

I am afraid of heights…but I hope to ride in a hot-air balloon one day.

I am afraid of the dark…but I hope the power will go out sometimes, so I can have an excuse to surround myself with candlelight.

I am afraid when people meet me they may think I am snobby…but I hope when I am being quiet and awkward they realize I am just feeling bashful.

I am afraid I will never be free of the unwelcome pounds which have attached themselves to my body…but I hope when summer arrives I will be able to wear a yellow polka-dot tankini with some measure of confidence.

I am afraid I will never find my husband…but I hope to one day walk down an aisle, lined with breath-taking flowers, towards the man of my dreams.

I am afraid I will never own a house...but I hope that someday I can paint the walls of my home any color I wish, including a purple front door.

Most of all, I am afraid that I will let my fears get in the way of me becoming the person I was designed to be.  But I have hope that God will not leave me as I am.

Have you ever stopped to think…Fear and Hope are siblings?  Their parents are the Unseen and Unknowable Future.  Yet Hope chooses to focus on the possibility the future will be bright, while Fear focuses on the possibility that the future will be gloomy.  Even though I am not a fortune teller, there is one thing I can guarantee: You future will have both.  There will be times of pain, sorrow and strife…as well as, times of joy, happiness and peace.  But how dark the gloomy times get will be greatly determined by whether you view your future as Hope does, or as Fear does. 

My desire is that I can cut loose Fear, who is too often tethered to me like a toddler pestering and clinging to his overwhelmed mother.  I want to become better friends, best friends, with Hope.  She’s the kind of friend who will hold your hand even when you are at your worst.  A friend I can always turn to, and count on for a kind word and fresh perspective.  A friend who sparkles with the Light that comes from being steeped in God’s promises.  Don't you want to have a friend like that?   I know I do!  Wouldn't you like to be a friend like that?  I know I would!

Hugs & Smooches, Lisa Ann

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Five Minute Friday
This post was inspired by the word "Afraid"
suggested by Lisa-Jo Baker aka The Gypsy Mama