Friday, April 8, 2011

Fur & Sparkles

If you met me you would probably find me covered in both fur and sparkles…which doesn’t sound so strange if you are aware that I am both a dog trainer and a jewelry junkie, formally known as an independent jewelry consultant for Touchstone Crystal.

The fur to sparkle ratio is directly related to whether I am hanging out with four-legged friends or two-legged friends.  To be quite honest, the majority of my two-legged friends would be quite shocked to see me in my “dog time” attire, for I don’t let them see me without makeup applied, hair done, clothes pressed and shoes shined.  You see, I am confident that dogs will love me know matter what I look like.  I wish I trusted “the world” would love me even when I am sans lip gloss & mascara, having a bad hair day and smudged with muddy puppy paws.  Can you relate?
Hugs & Smooches,
Lisa Ann

***This 5 minute Friday post was inspired by the phrase: "If you met me..."


  1. Think it is so funny that your friends would be shocked to see you in your dog, trainer by day, sparkle by night. Love it.

  2. Also wanted to tell you we COULD be kindred spirits! Being from CA I already love you. Your "Fourth of July" may come another day...even if it is Veteran's Day or St. Patrick's Day. (((HUGS)))

  3. So true: wishing the world could love me for who I am, without my new haircut and new dress!