Friday, March 11, 2011

She Speaks with a Sparkle Attitude

What does a woman with a sparkle attitude look like?  How does a girl who glitters for God behave?  Well, she definitely has a voice.
She Speaks…with faith that God will put the right words in her mouth.
She Speaks...honestly about her weaknesses, as well as her strengths.
She Speaks...with hope during life's ups and downs.
She Speaks…words of encouragement to others for their benefit.
She Speaks…prayers in order to draw closer to God, not just with a “To Do” list for Him.
She Speaks…truth tempered with wisdom, compassion and empathy.
She Speaks…up for others who cannot speak for themselves.
She Speaks…words of love to those who have known condemnation.
She Speaks…with joy that comes from believing in the unending, incomprehensible love of God.
She Speaks…with patience; resisting the temptation to have her voice heard above others.
She Speaks…as a light in the darkness, even when light is unwelcome.
She Speaks…with vulnerability and the ability to laugh at herself.
She Speaks…praise to her Heavenly Father even when the rollercoaster that is life is on a downward slope.

She Speaks…in order to connect with others rather than with selfish motives.
She Speaks…with an authenticity and genuineness congruent with who she is when no one is watching.
She Speaks…with respect, keeping in mind that others may have different viewpoints.
She Speaks…of God’s faithfulness to her and acceptance of her despite her brokenness.
She Speaks…with humor without ridiculing others.
She Speaks… giving honor to God when and where is it due.
She Speaks...but her actions speak louder.

She Speaks…but she also knows when to be silent and just listen.

A girl with a sparkle attitude also appreciates the chance to make friends with and learn from others who speak, write and minister to women...and places like the She Speaks Conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 ministries are built for exactly that purpose.  A girl who yearns to glitter for God hopes He will confirm she has something worth saying by blessing her with the means to go to North Carolina and attend.  So that girl will take the chance she might win a scholarship simply by posting a few words on her blog.

Living her entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area, a very unchurched land, has conditioned her to camouflage her faith.  But recent experiences, which she will share with you at another time, have challenged her to live her faith out loud.  Connecting with other women from all over the country at the She Speaks Conference could be exactly the encouragement she needs.
Hugs & Smooches, Lisa Ann


  1. You are very cute! I loved checking your blog out! I pray you get to go to She Speaks and proclaim the praises of Jesus to your city!

  2. I love this! I do my best to be a girl with a sparkle attitude, which God in my heart I know I can shine

  3. Your blog is beautifully written! You shine on the inside and the outside.